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Welcome to The Honest Pharmacist(s)!

Come see what happens when pharmacists endeavor to share what we have learned about medications and the world of pharmacy with you. We will use data from well designed studies, and give you the honest truth about the medicine you are prescribed or thinking about taking.

For starters:

-Learn how to save money on your prescriptions.
-Learn about the newest medication trends and if they really work.
-Get your medication questions answered.
-Discover how to navigate the convoluted world of Medicare Part D.

-Leigh and Rob

Disclaimer: Although we are pharmacists, any information provided on this site is informational only. We do not know your medical or medication history and do not intend to provide medical advice. We share information based on available literature and data as well as professional experience. Before making any changes to your medication or medical regimen, please consult your doctor.

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