We are Leigh (PharmD) and Rob (PharmD, MS), married pharmacists who have a combined 29 years of pharmacy experience. Throughout our careers, we have helped numerous patients by providing useful information about their medications.

Although we have both worked in retail/community pharmacies (the type of pharmacy you see at a grocery store), Leigh has focused her pharmacy career in the long-term care area (taking care of patients in nursing homes), and Rob has focused his career in hospital pharmacy.

Rob has gone on to specialize in hospital pharmacy management where he currently is a pharmacy director of a large community hospital in our area. Having been a pharmacy technician and now being responsible for managing pharmacy technicians allows him the ability to provide significant insight on the career of a pharmacy technician. Another area of focus that we hope to provide help in is Medicare Part D (the medication insurance part of Medicare). As a pharmacist, Rob had the opportunity to work with many seniors by providing them the best options of Medicare Part D plans and recommendations for changes to their medication plans that could result in significant dollar savings.

We hope to extend our accumulated knowledge to readers of our blog by providing honest information and insight on the world of medicine and pharmacy. We also hope that we will get insightful questions that we can answer that will benefit everyone. We are providing this information for free and only ask that if any of the links on the website/blog are useful to you, that you click on the link. Some, but not all, have some referral revenue that will help fund this endeavor. This way we can provide a win-win situation for everyone. Thank you and we hope you enjoy your experience with The Honest Pharmacist.

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